We are your partner!

Flexible • Precise • Reliable Delivery • Cost-effective

Without exaggerating, Kinnex Mekaniska in Götene is a company of the future regarding contract manufacturing on the Swedish market and, to a certain extent, also for export!

We ensure that we use technology, knowledge and logistics to build a flexible organisation that is continuously growing.

With our customer´s requirements and expectations centre stage, we build lasting business relations where the partnership between us is our most important goal. Moreover, being able to deliver extra value above what is expected gives both us and our customers great satisfaction.

Thanks to our committed and knowledgeable employees, meeting our own very strict requirements, which follow from the key words in the heading, is natural: Flexible, precise, reliable delivery and cost-effective Not least, we know we achieve this by our customers measuring us, at the same time as we continuously perform our own follow-ups to attain the goals we set jointly with the customer.

Our quality system strengthens the partnership that is our aim for all of our customers, which we make a point of maintaining together for a long time.

Welcome as a Kinnex customer!


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